Ride the canyon for a day 2016

canyon for the dayJoined by 2 good friends. “Canyon for a day” is a great ride through Yakima Canyon. Road is closed off to through traffic which make the ride even more fun.

Started pulling at the start pushing through a small head wind. Felt great, and hip was responding well. Pulled back on the climbs to conserve energy, and pace myself.

Mile 28.5: Turn around. Chris and Shaun where trucking fast. I did my best to keep up and just hook on the best I could.

Mile: 47.3: Climb was good, but again slow for me. My two friends where moving fast and I knew once i got to the top I could catch up with them on the down hill.

Mile 57: Felt good, but tired. Finally made it home and celebrated with a few beers and snacks that my wife got us. Overall, great ride!


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Getting lost, bonked and still had fun. Love Cycling.

Coming off a recovery week from a 8 week block of base work. I was feeling good this weekend.

Saturday, legs where responding and my sweet spot was … well ..sweet! Good RPM on small climbs and had response out of the saddles when I needed a boost. Legs recovered well and had a great day.

Sunday, I felt great for the first 30 miles, turned around at hour 2 and I bonked HARD. Head winds, terrain, and the surprise sprints from dogs chasing me really put me at my threshold. Last 15 miles was some of the most grueling pedal strokes I have encountered in a long time. Legs, back and hip were screaming at me.

When I finally got home, I just felt relief. Got the gear put away, got me a recovery drink and lounged on the couch. I expect days like this, and want these challenges to reflect on what I did right and what I did wrong.  Still stoked I did the ride and had a ton of fun. This is why I ride.

Monday, I am feeling great. Legs are a little sore, but I had no cramping. Really excited to start my next 8 week block today to prep for my first event on May 7th


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Yakima Cyclist – Your input is needed!

The City of Yakima is in the process of developing a Bicycle Master Plan. This plan will be contained within the Comprehensive and Transportation Master Plans. These plans are required by the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA). With this Plan, the City aims to determine the most logical method of creating a connected network of bicycle facilities that serve the broad spectrum of individuals that bicycle in Yakima. http://www.yakimawa.gov/services/planning/comprehensive-plan-update/bicycle-master-plan/