2015 Training Log

2015 is in the books! What did I do this year? I rode my bike and had fun. I tested the waters and see if my body could progress without injury this year. I’m happy I rode a metric century and road 40 miles on my mountain bike. Looking forward to 2016. Check out my 2016 training log here and event calendar here.


Goals 2015 (posted 10/23/14) 

1. Continue to bike commute and add more days. Goal is to ride 4-5 days a week. – Right now I only do 2-3.

2. Long distance on the Mountain Bike. Going to start riding John Wayne trail 2016. Goal is to get to 100+ miles on the mtn bike before end of the Summer. During this time I will working on setup on my bike, mapping and gps 101. – Most miles on MTB is 40

3. Long distance nutrition & hydration. This is going to be a good time for me to try different food during the long rides. Hammer will be my primary, but I need to also look into alternatives. – Successful in training for this with some shorter rides. Still need to prep properly. Metric century in Sept did poor prep.

4. Maintain good stretching and mobility exercises. This is a Big one for me is to keep doing what I am doing now. My injury really ticked me off this year, so every day I do strengthening and stretches. This is really important if I am going to keep cycling. – On/off. Need to keep consistent and stretch 2-3 days a week.

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