My bikes (toys)

Airborne Zepplin

Fuji Jari 1.5

Bike Packing Rig
2018 Salsa Fargo

Surly 1 x 11



Galaxy Single Speed 2015
Sold the bike before my move. Will miss the SS ride.

Specialized Diverge Expert 2015
Never really go tin the groove with the bike. This version bike had a unique rear spacing that left me stranded when it came to getting 3rd party wheel sets. I eventually had to get a “specialized” specific QR. Specialized dropped the ball on this bike and left me with a unsupported flop! Never buy a Specialized Bike again.

Single Speed CX Bike Felt Breed 2012
Never got to race this amazing bike for a few years.

Jamis Supernova Pro 2008 52cm
My First Cyclocross season and was my primary commuter bike. Did the MS 150 on this bike and was surprised that it wasn’t all that uncomfortable. Great all around bike.

Pinarello F4
16lb, 51cm – Pinarello F4:13 Carbon Road Bike was a dream bike. Snappy and fast. Did one of my fastest centuries on this bike. But again, waaay to small and not good for those long rides.

2001 Jamis Comet
5000k miles – bike was a 55cm which was to big. Decided to sell and go for a 52cm. Great bike in the flats and downhill. It was hard bike to ride on the climbs.Made some modifications to get this bike to fit me (components & bike fit). Did some major miles on this bike and did my first RAMROD on this bike.