Getting lost, bonked and still had fun. Love Cycling.

Coming off a recovery week from a 8 week block of base work. I was feeling good this weekend.

Saturday, legs where responding and my sweet spot was … well ..sweet! Good RPM on small climbs and had response out of the saddles when I needed a boost. Legs recovered well and had a great day.

Sunday, I felt great for the first 30 miles, turned around at hour 2 and I bonked HARD. Head winds, terrain, and the surprise sprints from dogs chasing me really put me at my threshold. Last 15 miles was some of the most grueling pedal strokes I have encountered in a long time. Legs, back and hip were screaming at me.

When I finally got home, I just felt relief. Got the gear put away, got me a recovery drink and lounged on the couch. I expect days like this, and want these challenges to reflect on what I did right and what I did wrong.  Still stoked I did the ride and had a ton of fun. This is why I ride.

Monday, I am feeling great. Legs are a little sore, but I had no cramping. Really excited to start my next 8 week block today to prep for my first event on May 7th


Check out my rides:




My First Impressions – Zwift Beta

Are you looking for a way to keep entertained while on the indoor trainer? Zwift might be for you.

Most of us know that indoor cycling can be a dread and just boring. Zwift think it has the solution.

Here is a little “tid bit” of my first experience.

What is Zwift? Take a look here –

My First Ride

Got my beta invite (woohoo!). Created my account, designed my “virtual rider” (limited to helmet, hair, glasses, wheels at this time). Once I got passed the virtual rider setup, it was time to sync my devices.

Here is my setup.
computer: core i5 computer with a pretty basic video card and 23 inch monitor.
Bike Computer: Garmin 500 w/ cadence + HR.
Ant device: Suunto Ant+ device that plugs into my PC.
Trainer: kurt kinetic road machine.

Zwift recognized my ANT+ device, Cadence and HR with no issues. All I needed to do is select my trainer (kurt kinetic road machine). Since I don’t have a road bike (yet) and using my Single Speed commuter.

Now its time to ride.

In Game: Loaded the game and started peddling. Right off the bat I felt my competitive side take over (ooops big mistake). I went off hard and damn I was having fun. Closing gaps, passing riders. I felt so good, hell there is a hill ahead .. lets go for the polka dot jersey. BAM! I almost blew up climbing this hill. Even though this was a virtual game, it really felt like a long climb. Omg I’m gunna die! I started laughing at myself and finally calmed down, paced myself so I could just do 1 lap. That was FUN!

Visuals: The scenery was a bit laggy at times for me (due to my video card ), but I definitely appreciated the visuals. Some minor graphic glitches, but that’s expected of a BETA. Seeing riders pass me, then Id close the gap and pass them, seeing the grade of the road, and the scenery added great feel to the whole experience while.

Definitely Having Fun: Just 30 minutes on the bike and I was sweating like it was 100 degrees out, breathing heavy and I was smiling ear to ear! This has probably been the first time I have smiled getting off of my trainer in 3 years. I am definitely looking forward to my next ride.

Zwift has plans to have large events, competitions, training plans, races and additional courses. The rumor is this will be a $10.00 a month subscription services.

I am looking forward to my next ride on Zwift Island.


Time to get the bike trainer out ….

Past 3 months I’ve been on/off the bike. Primary plan for Nov, Dec, Jan was to work on my overall strength, hip mobility, balance, cardio and core. With no real road bike (yet), I am using my Galaxy Single Speed on the trainer & doing interval training. I’m hoping combination of intervals on the weekdays weekdays and longer riding sessions on the weekends will give me a good base for this years riding adventures.

I’m using . Virtual power setup is not the most accurate, but its close and cheaper than purchasing a power meter right now.

Get them Goals Set – 2015

Gooooooaaaaaalsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!! So we are coming the end of 2014 and Mr. Josh needs to get some goals & events on the calendar!

I made some changes to my goals. I decided to wait on a road bike till end of 2015. So I am working the commuter bike and mountain bike as my primary rides for 2015.

So you ask .. “Why am I announcing this on da WWW?” One thing I learned from my past training is… When you make your goals public, you tend to stick with them. Settings goals, announcing your intentions, making them visible to the public, and putting it in writing helps me be accountable to myself. I also like looking back and seeing what I have accomplished in the past also. Give it a try. You might be surprised.

Goals 2015 ( posted: )

1. Continue to bike commute and add more days. Goal is to ride 4-5 days a week. Right now I only do 2-3.

2. Long distance on the Mountain Bike. Going to start riding John Wayne trail this spring. Goal is to get to 100+ miles on the mtn bike before end of the Summer. During this time I will working on setup on my bike, mapping and gps 101.

3. Work on fueling for long distance riding – nutrition & hydration. This is going to be a good time for me to try different food during the long rides. Hammer will be my primary, but I need to also look into alternatives.

4. Maintain good stretching and mobility exercises. This is a Big one for me. I need to keep doing what I am doing now. My injury really ticked me off this year, so every day I do strengthening and stretches. This is really important if I am going to keep cycling.



Slow Progress for the long term

This is my last week of PT and I am done! Physical Therapist said I am progressing nicely and I can continue my rehab at home. /CHEER!

I am starting to see the hard work pay off, why I should always keep a good conditioning regiment and why I should always get a proper bike fit when I get a new bike.

Last weekend I got a full hour of Mountain biking on Sunday and 45 minutes on Saturday. Had good strength on the climbs (with no pain in hip or back) and I was not tired in my upper body at all. The only tired muscle was my thighs which is a good sign.

Goals: Continue to work on my Balance, abs, hip strengthening all winter long with some spinning on the trainer and plyo work outs. Looking forward to 2015.


I Heart Gears

Holy %$$#@. Putting a 1 x 10 on my karate monkey was a great move for me. I can ride again! With lower gearing, I am able to spin climbs and ride longer now without aggravating my hip. Totally forgot what it was like to have gears and I don’t think Ill ever go back.

Still have one SS speed in my bike inventory for commuting and that’s good enough for me. 🙂


Shhh .. dont tell anybody

I know, I know ..  I am not suppose to be on the bike right now .. BUT I just got my single speed ( not a fixie CHRIS 😛 ) from State Bicycles , just finished assembling the bike ( step by step assembly post coming soon ) and had to give it a test ride! Wooohoooooooo .. this bike if FUN! It slices through head winds, 55cm frame feels so good and it just feels like a it just wants to go fast. Did a fast 6 miles today and just enjoyed every minute being outside in the sun and riding.

Been about 10 minutes since I got home … and now I am paying for it. l did some stretching, took some muscle relaxers (thanks Doc), and now I am laying on the couch.. with a BIG SMILE. Damn that was fun.



Strike 1, 2, 3 … your outta here!

Second Doctors visit and I got the bad news. I’m still riding with pain in my hip and the Doctor wants me off the bike until things are healed. The time I took off the bike was not enough and I am just injuring myself every time I push those pedals. All I can say is “this SUCKS!!!!”

Here is my Diagnosis:
IT band syndrome
Muscle Spasm
Strain of right psoas muscle
Piriformis syndrome of right side

I start Physical Therapy next week. Hoping to get things moving along so I can get back on the bike.