Get them Goals Set – 2015

Gooooooaaaaaalsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!! So we are coming the end of 2014 and Mr. Josh needs to get some goals & events on the calendar!

I made some changes to my goals. I decided to wait on a road bike till end of 2015. So I am working the commuter bike and mountain bike as my primary rides for 2015.

So you ask .. “Why am I announcing this on da WWW?” One thing I learned from my past training is… When you make your goals public, you tend to stick with them. Settings goals, announcing your intentions, making them visible to the public, and putting it in writing helps me be accountable to myself. I also like looking back and seeing what I have accomplished in the past also. Give it a try. You might be surprised.

Goals 2015 ( posted: )

1. Continue to bike commute and add more days. Goal is to ride 4-5 days a week. Right now I only do 2-3.

2. Long distance on the Mountain Bike. Going to start riding John Wayne trail this spring. Goal is to get to 100+ miles on the mtn bike before end of the Summer. During this time I will working on setup on my bike, mapping and gps 101.

3. Work on fueling for long distance riding – nutrition & hydration. This is going to be a good time for me to try different food during the long rides. Hammer will be my primary, but I need to also look into alternatives.

4. Maintain good stretching and mobility exercises. This is a Big one for me. I need to keep doing what I am doing now. My injury really ticked me off this year, so every day I do strengthening and stretches. This is really important if I am going to keep cycling.



Inspired? I am. Go Troy!


I followed Troy on his journey during the Trans North California race. Not only am inspired by his feet to ride 400 miles with 40,000 feet of climbing + on a mtn bike, his journey had gotten me excited, more motivated and (little) anxious to get started on my adventures back in to long distance cycling. Check out Troy’s Adventure here on his blog.

Changed my mind

Gears, no gears, gears, no gears, gears, no gears, gears, no gears, gears, no gears, gears, no gears .. Are you getting the idea?

Finally made up my mind and decided to build my bike. Soooooo … here we go.

Frame: Karate Monkey
Fork: Fox Float 29 100mm
Breaks: XT disk
Cockpit: Easton EA70
Pedals: Crank Bros Egg Beaters
Wheels: Cobalt 3 tubeless ready
Cranks: Truvativ Stylo Singlespeed Crankset (will upgrade later)

Will be adding more photos here during the build here:


Cycling Goals

After a few years off .. I am not to happy giving up my bike lifestyle. Weight gain and just the idea I haven’t had the motivation has really gotten me to the point I need to get back on the bike. So I am planning a change for the good and hope this will get me back to the way I was 3 years ago.

Commute to Work
Ride a Century
Group Rides
Live the bike lifestyle


Inland Empire Century 2012

Great ride Saturday with my buddy. Participated in the Inland Empire Century in Richland Wa. Planned miles was 75 miles and ended up doing 98 miles in 6 hours.

see my ride here:

Doing rides like this till CX season has given me some motivation to keep up my fitness. Next Events Echo Ridge, June 9th

It has officially be 3 years now since I have changed my lifestyle. 80lbs lighter and getting faster every day!