Apple Century 2016

Arrived in Wenatchee around 5pm. Damn I miss this town. Picked up my packed at Cycle Center (across from Albergs). This place has allot of bikes.

Arrived at the hotel and forgot one minor detail. Smoking or no smoking. For some reason I got a smoking room. Wife was not happy. We had to purchase Fabreeze and soak the room with the scent of wild flowers to even tolerate being in this room.

Smelling of smoke, we had a very hard nights sleep. I woke up at 430 am feeling like I enabled a pack of cigarettes and a good sized headache to add to my misery..

With 95+ temps on the forecast today, I decided to start riding at 5 am due to my last ride in the heat was not so pleasant.

Start off with mellow pace in my smaller ring to save on matches.

Mile 25: Strong. Felt good on climbs and was really relaxed. Ride to Leavenworth was amazing and the smell of ponderosa pines totally brought me back to good old forest service days. Heading towards plain. My pace was great and smooth. I changed over to the big ring and my spin / sweet spot was working good for me.

Mile 42: Decision to turn around was hard. Stress on my hip was there and I didn’t want to inflame it to the point that I couldn’t ride. Knowing the way back had allot of small climbs, and no cover from sun. This was a good choice for me.

Mile 50: Back to Leavenworth was great ride. I was able to stretch the hip and just go with fast spin. Last 32 miles was a slow average pace. Saving my energy, drinking as much as I can and eating.

Mile 82: Arriving in Wenatchee was a great feeling. I felt tired, but not bad and felt like I did my best. With Chelan in 3 weeks, I feel I will be able to at least ride the event. This was a good motivation boost for me and hope to continue the progress.


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