Ride the canyon for a day 2016

canyon for the dayJoined by 2 good friends. “Canyon for a day” is a great ride through Yakima Canyon. Road is closed off to through traffic which make the ride even more fun.

Started pulling at the start pushing through a small head wind. Felt great, and hip was responding well. Pulled back on the climbs to conserve energy, and pace myself.

Mile 28.5: Turn around. Chris and Shaun where trucking fast. I did my best to keep up and just hook on the best I could.

Mile: 47.3: Climb was good, but again slow for me. My two friends where moving fast and I knew once i got to the top I could catch up with them on the down hill.

Mile 57: Felt good, but tired. Finally made it home and celebrated with a few beers and snacks that my wife got us. Overall, great ride!


Review my whole ride here: https://www.strava.com/activities/584829929

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