Inland Empire 2016

First event of the year and pretty excited.

Morning was a little rough, feeling little tired. I left early from my home and drove 1hr 15 min to the event site. Got my registration stuff and got ready for the start of the ride.

Started off with a large group. Really casual for 5-10 minutes and pace started to increase.

Mile 20: Burned a match with the group at mile 20 and decided to fall back. What was I thinking! Not a good idea burning matches this early

Mile 20-37: Hill climb was paced very well and I felt good. Slow, but good.

Mile 50: Stopped in Prosser, Wa and was a little fatigued and tired. Hip was doing good, but I didn’t have any power in my legs at all.

Mile 57: Probably hit the wall around mile 57. Very tired, felt over heated and wasn’t feeling good and could keep food down.

Mile 79: Met up with my Buddy Chris at the last rest stop in Benton City, Wa. He pulled me for the last 10+ miles. Thank you!

What I learned: What I didn’t do is proper pacing, good water intake and food that I can depend on.

You can review my whole ride here: