Wahoo ELEMNT GPS Delivery Update

Update: 2/2/16

Finally!!! Tweet x 2 finally got some action. Order has been finally cancelled.

Update: 2/1/16

Not getting happy with Wahoo at this point.

Submitted a cancellation 3 days ago.


Order ######### places on Dec 26th 2015
Credit Card Number ending in: 0000
Let me know if you need any further information.

Wahoo Response was:

” Hi , Unfortunately at this time we have not set a ship date for the ELEMNT. We have exceptionally high expectations for the ELEMNT and cannot release it until it meets our highest quality standards. Achieving these standards is our top priority and we are working non-stop to get this product to the level in which you deserve as soon as possible. Thanks,Matt”

Round 2:
So I created a new ticket today and tweeted wahoo, and did online chat.

Rep said that my initial ticket did not have a cancellation. I said .. umm the title says ” PLEASE CANCEL ORDER ########”. Rep says … “Gotcha”.



So they closed my new ticket and said they will tell Matt via old ticket.

So I am still waiting……


Update: 1/29/16

Cancelled my order and went another route. I will be using my S6 active. Mount will be quad lock solution with a Otterbox case. Total investment will be under 100.00. I can use RideWithGps, Garmin, Strava on my phone. My battery life will be the same & I can also use external battery for those long multi day rides. Will watch the Elemnt as more and more people get it and see how it pans out in the coming year.


Posted: Jan 28, 2016 @ 12:19

If you ordered the Elemnt and have been patiently waiting you may of gotten a nice email today from Wahoo. I am thinking of giving Wahoo till the end of this month, but I am wondering if this is a warning sign for things to come, maybe I should cancel?


Dear Wahooligan,

We know you have been watching your calendar and waiting on news.  We have been silent lately hoping to be able to send the e-mail you have all been waiting for but we couldn’t stay silent any longer.

We are still working and working.  It was never our intention to keep you waiting this long but because we are just a group of hardcore fitness nuts in Atlanta, GA we just wouldn’t feel right sending you a unit that we ourselves wouldn’t love to ride!

The good news is that as our top developers and the owner of Wahoo himself (aka the ELEMNT mastermind) are working around the clock to get this out the door.  We understand the Old Man Winter will soon loosen his grip on us cyclists and we want you ready to take on the season with your new ELEMNT.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and patience. To show our appreciation we will be e-mailing all of you in a separate e-mail a unique code for $20 off any Wahoo product on our website.  If you do not feel like waiting we will cancel your order and refund you 100% of the purchase price, no questions asked, but we promise it is worth the wait!.

Please reply to support@wahoofitness.com if you decide to choose a full refund or have any questions.  For a refund, please include the name the order was placed under and the order number.  Otherwise, we will email you the moment ELEMNT is ready to ship.

Thank you again for your patience and patronage.


The ELEMNT Fairy + The Entire Wahoo Team