My First Impressions – Zwift Beta

Are you looking for a way to keep entertained while on the indoor trainer? Zwift might be for you.

Most of us know that indoor cycling can be a dread and just boring. Zwift think it has the solution.

Here is a little “tid bit” of my first experience.

What is Zwift? Take a look here –

My First Ride

Got my beta invite (woohoo!). Created my account, designed my “virtual rider” (limited to helmet, hair, glasses, wheels at this time). Once I got passed the virtual rider setup, it was time to sync my devices.

Here is my setup.
computer: core i5 computer with a pretty basic video card and 23 inch monitor.
Bike Computer: Garmin 500 w/ cadence + HR.
Ant device: Suunto Ant+ device that plugs into my PC.
Trainer: kurt kinetic road machine.

Zwift recognized my ANT+ device, Cadence and HR with no issues. All I needed to do is select my trainer (kurt kinetic road machine). Since I don’t have a road bike (yet) and using my Single Speed commuter.

Now its time to ride.

In Game: Loaded the game and started peddling. Right off the bat I felt my competitive side take over (ooops big mistake). I went off hard and damn I was having fun. Closing gaps, passing riders. I felt so good, hell there is a hill ahead .. lets go for the polka dot jersey. BAM! I almost blew up climbing this hill. Even though this was a virtual game, it really felt like a long climb. Omg I’m gunna die! I started laughing at myself and finally calmed down, paced myself so I could just do 1 lap. That was FUN!

Visuals: The scenery was a bit laggy at times for me (due to my video card ), but I definitely appreciated the visuals. Some minor graphic glitches, but that’s expected of a BETA. Seeing riders pass me, then Id close the gap and pass them, seeing the grade of the road, and the scenery added great feel to the whole experience while.

Definitely Having Fun: Just 30 minutes on the bike and I was sweating like it was 100 degrees out, breathing heavy and I was smiling ear to ear! This has probably been the first time I have smiled getting off of my trainer in 3 years. I am definitely looking forward to my next ride.

Zwift has plans to have large events, competitions, training plans, races and additional courses. The rumor is this will be a $10.00 a month subscription services.

I am looking forward to my next ride on Zwift Island.