Okay Grahm .. you sold me!

If you have been cycling for a awhile, you probably have bumped into Grahm and his youtube videos and/or Cyclo-Core web site.

My The Past. I’ve had 3 coaches and done the self coaching. The one my biggest challenges was the training never fit my timeline, I could never sustain a consistent cycling lifestyle due to work or life, stayed lean and enjoyed racing year after year. Having a coach was great, training plans where always good and got me to my goals when it came to events for that year. BUT, the coach could never help me with my diet or mental challenges that I would be confronting. So I decided to self train myself with the tools that I have already learned. I was great! But I didn’t have the nutrition education and tools to make this a long term goal. So in the end I failed, gained weight and just gave up.

Looking for some motivation and inspiration. I found Grahm on Youtube and right away I was inspired by his energy and truthful comments about being a cyclist. He really puts it out there knowing that everybody is not the same. This guy is all about educating the rider so you can live a healthy lifestyle for the long term. and Yes I am very aware Grahm is a hell of a sales person also (Kudos to him!). So I decided to look at his products by going to the cyclo-core website. First impression is that the web site is hideous and looks like one of those sites that you just want to get out as soon possible due to the confusion and over sized colored fonts. Grahm .. please update your site!

Testing the waters. My biggest issue is controlling my weight. I am at a lost. I’ve read so many articles and books and just didn’t find a good motivator to point me in the right direction. So I researched Cyclo-FUEL Nutrition Plan from Grahm’s site and decided to purchase the product. Downloaded the package and started right away with the getting started PDF and audio files. I am going to very vague on what was said or what was given in the package. But one thing I will share is Grahm provides the necessary materials so you can make correct choices. Grahm stresses this in his audio that one shoe does not fit all and you will need to tweak your plan so it will fit you needs based on what you goals are. Going to take time to digest all the material, prep my fridge and start my plan on Monday.  More to come…