First CX “practice” race!

Lincoln Rock State Park – Wenatchee, WA

All I can say is I had a ton of fun! My goal was to do 1 hot lap, then 2nd lap do a 80% effort and relax on the last laps.

The course was grass (some boggy areas), mixed course with dry tree rooted sections, a small run section into a sandy area, barriers  & some paved trail. So this was going to be a fast, fast course.

Start was fast! I had a hell of a time clipping in my right foot into my egg beaters! So that put me at 5th place going into the first left had turn. From there, I was relaxed and keeping up with the fast crowd staying in 4 – 5 th place.

By the first lap I was stoked! Turned the throttle down to 80-70% max. Again felt good, kept a good constant pace. Out of the saddle on the harder sections which surprisingly felt really good. Lots of power and my speed seemed to be dissipating at the end of the 2nd lap. I did crash into the 3rd barrier and destroyed my glasses due to being a little over confident into the barriers at a faster speed. Lesson learned.
Last laps I did some micros burst at full intensity, but kept most of ride down to 50% of max effort.

Over all I had a awesome time and look forward to next weeks practice race.

Thanks again to Viscous Cycles!

Visit their FB page here or website here