Simple CX prep

Lake Zorinsky Trail Steep Hill

1. Run for 10-30 minutes
2. Do a 60 minute Road or Mtn  bike recovery ride at a relaxed pace

1. Do 1 60 minute technique workout. Choose two skills per session: Dismounting, remounting, portaging, Climbing stairs, cornering and the like.

2. A 10 minute micro-burst sprint: alternating between 15 sec of max peddling effort and 15 sec recovery.
* Do them on a cross course, roads with gradual climbs or a trainer. Add another 10 minute set every two weeks, but recover fully between sets.

3. Circuit training: do 10 body weight exercises (such as power skipping, lunges, squats, step ups) for 30 seconds apiece, recovering for 30 between each

* set a goal of completing a daily workout for three 10 sets by the end of sept

1. Do a 60 minute recovery ride

1. Warm up with 10-30 minute run
2. Ride a cross course (or simulates one) that inclues set of barriers, one or two run ups, and a tough climb per five laps
#Do three laps your first week. Add per five-minute lap each week.

1. 60 min recovery ride

1. Repeat Tuesday’s workout

1. 60 minute recovery ride