Dealing with Stress!!!!!

Stress! This week has been a stressful week for me on a personal level. Everybody has their breaking point. Well I definitely found mine.

Dealing with Stress!!!!!Took this week off (no exercise) to use this as a recovery week. To get back on track and make sure that I can achieve my goals for 2010.

I took the time this week to re asses what my priorities. Get back to thinking positive about my achievements and creating an outlet for myself during this time to decrease my stress so I can get back to training.

My coach told me .. “Relax. Think of this as a few days to recovery from all the hard work you have been doing”. I personally not sure if taking a break was worth it, but I used the opportunity to get my life back inline with my training goals.

I plan to get back on track Monday and I hope things will improve.