Duathlon Training Today

Lets start off by saying “I never liked running”! I never have been a runner & never really learned to train right as a runner. So why are you training for duathlons? This was a challenge I wanted to tackle. I have always loved watching multi-sport racing, so I wanted to challenge myself and see if I can do this.

*2hr plan will consist of  30 minutes run/fast walk & 1 hr cycling (using training sheets) & 30 minute run/fast walk

*Running plan will involve very small amount of running. For the next month+ I will only do 5-10 minutes of running per session and the rest will be a fast walk. This way I can train my body to get used to this type of workout. Run route: http://www.runmap.net/route/338473

*My cycling will be on the trainer for the fall and winter. This will allow me to keep a good high RPMs & work on some efforts while not having to worry about anything else.

Taking on a different discipline other that just cycling will be a fun challenge & a good mix in my training program.