48 miles.. wrar!

Started my first +2.5 hour training ride with a bang!

Started the ride around 630 am. The plan was to ride as far as I can in 2.5 hours before my wife catches up with me.

I prepared my ride by wearing  good amount layer on my upper body, but I failed with my legs. Had a ton of problems with my leg warmers. They kept sliding down. I continued to try to keep them up.  But it got so bad, I just ignore them after awhile. This was a big mistake on my part & eventually this will hurt my knees due to the cold air in the canyon.

Started the ride off really good getting around the lake. Kept a good pace at 80-90 RPMs. Around 1 hour I reached Navarre canyon road entrance & started my hilliest part of the ride. Gah it was painful & cold (around 34 degrees)! The cold air was hitting my knees, making them tighten as I continue to try to keep a good pace up the hill. My exposed knees really took it hard in the cold weather.

Finally reached the top and got rewarded with some great downhills! Reaching speeds up to 49mph, I relaxed and enjoyed the ride through Navarre canyon.

Finally out of the canyon and onto the highway that heads to Wenatchee! The highway’s flat surface & bright sun was a reward that I was looking forward to! Warming up finally, I  started to feel an extra boost of energy & ended big gearing the rest of my ride. Reaching 90-100+ mph (25mph), I was in a zone. This was a great feeling! Push, push , push. I make it to Entiat, no wife yet. Great! Keep going! I can make it to Wenatchee! 3 miles before Wenatchee my wife caught up with me. What a ride!

– Drank 1 bottle of water + 2 fig newtons. Damn, need to drink more & eat more.
– endurox rx4 for recovery drink. Love this stuff for recovery drinks
– Total 48.0 miles in 2 hrs 45 minutes. Wow!