Coach selection is finally done

I ended up hiring a cycling coach out of  WA State. His name is Earl Zimmerman from Wenzel Coaching. Out of 3 coaches I talked with, he was the only coach that called me right away to see if we would be a good fit for the both of us. He is a multi-sport trainer and nutritionist. So I’m happy I found him. Earl rides on the east side of state and has clinics. So it will be nice to join some of him on rides.

Pretty stoked to have a coach help me prepare for the long term, rather than short term fitness this time. My last coach was not as detailed on how to keep myself mentally strong for the next years to come which resulted in me burning out a little.

My short term racing plans is just to do half tri’s, centuries & work on nutrition for 2010. The Lake Chelan Triathlon is already on my schedule for next year.

Long term fitness will be great for my long term goals to be in competitive racing again.