Lake Chelan Century 2016 /FAIL

Marking this one as a /FAIL

I think the broken spoke actually saved me from being embarrassed about un-fit I really felt.

The first leg I felt great, good spin on the first climb and really surprised. As the climb continues I felt my hip, legs and body position Get out a wack. I started to get more and more ties.

The back road of Manson as a up/down ride. Chip sealed road mean your momentum is going to be somewhat lacking at times.

Coming back down to Chelan from Manson, my spoke popped (see pick below) and I took the excuse the just called it. Also a slight safety issue because the next climb was a class 1 climb. My rear wheel would not hold up to this type of climb and down hill.

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Apple Century 2016

Arrived in Wenatchee around 5pm. Damn I miss this town. Picked up my packed at Cycle Center (across from Albergs). This place has allot of bikes.

Arrived at the hotel and forgot one minor detail. Smoking or no smoking. For some reason I got a smoking room. Wife was not happy. We had to purchase Fabreeze and soak the room with the scent of wild flowers to even tolerate being in this room.

Smelling of smoke, we had a very hard nights sleep. I woke up at 430 am feeling like I enabled a pack of cigarettes and a good sized headache to add to my misery..

With 95+ temps on the forecast today, I decided to start riding at 5 am due to my last ride in the heat was not so pleasant.

Start off with mellow pace in my smaller ring to save on matches.

Mile 25: Strong. Felt good on climbs and was really relaxed. Ride to Leavenworth was amazing and the smell of ponderosa pines totally brought me back to good old forest service days. Heading towards plain. My pace was great and smooth. I changed over to the big ring and my spin / sweet spot was working good for me.

Mile 42: Decision to turn around was hard. Stress on my hip was there and I didn’t want to inflame it to the point that I couldn’t ride. Knowing the way back had allot of small climbs, and no cover from sun. This was a good choice for me.

Mile 50: Back to Leavenworth was great ride. I was able to stretch the hip and just go with fast spin. Last 32 miles was a slow average pace. Saving my energy, drinking as much as I can and eating.

Mile 82: Arriving in Wenatchee was a great feeling. I felt tired, but not bad and felt like I did my best. With Chelan in 3 weeks, I feel I will be able to at least ride the event. This was a good motivation boost for me and hope to continue the progress.


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Ride the canyon for a day 2016

canyon for the dayJoined by 2 good friends. “Canyon for a day” is a great ride through Yakima Canyon. Road is closed off to through traffic which make the ride even more fun.

Started pulling at the start pushing through a small head wind. Felt great, and hip was responding well. Pulled back on the climbs to conserve energy, and pace myself.

Mile 28.5: Turn around. Chris and Shaun where trucking fast. I did my best to keep up and just hook on the best I could.

Mile: 47.3: Climb was good, but again slow for me. My two friends where moving fast and I knew once i got to the top I could catch up with them on the down hill.

Mile 57: Felt good, but tired. Finally made it home and celebrated with a few beers and snacks that my wife got us. Overall, great ride!


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Inland Empire 2016

First event of the year and pretty excited.

Morning was a little rough, feeling little tired. I left early from my home and drove 1hr 15 min to the event site. Got my registration stuff and got ready for the start of the ride.

Started off with a large group. Really casual for 5-10 minutes and pace started to increase.

Mile 20: Burned a match with the group at mile 20 and decided to fall back. What was I thinking! Not a good idea burning matches this early

Mile 20-37: Hill climb was paced very well and I felt good. Slow, but good.

Mile 50: Stopped in Prosser, Wa and was a little fatigued and tired. Hip was doing good, but I didn’t have any power in my legs at all.

Mile 57: Probably hit the wall around mile 57. Very tired, felt over heated and wasn’t feeling good and could keep food down.

Mile 79: Met up with my Buddy Chris at the last rest stop in Benton City, Wa. He pulled me for the last 10+ miles. Thank you!

What I learned: What I didn’t do is proper pacing, good water intake and food that I can depend on.

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Getting lost, bonked and still had fun. Love Cycling.

Coming off a recovery week from a 8 week block of base work. I was feeling good this weekend.

Saturday, legs where responding and my sweet spot was … well ..sweet! Good RPM on small climbs and had response out of the saddles when I needed a boost. Legs recovered well and had a great day.

Sunday, I felt great for the first 30 miles, turned around at hour 2 and I bonked HARD. Head winds, terrain, and the surprise sprints from dogs chasing me really put me at my threshold. Last 15 miles was some of the most grueling pedal strokes I have encountered in a long time. Legs, back and hip were screaming at me.

When I finally got home, I just felt relief. Got the gear put away, got me a recovery drink and lounged on the couch. I expect days like this, and want these challenges to reflect on what I did right and what I did wrong.  Still stoked I did the ride and had a ton of fun. This is why I ride.

Monday, I am feeling great. Legs are a little sore, but I had no cramping. Really excited to start my next 8 week block today to prep for my first event on May 7th


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Wahoo ELEMNT GPS Delivery Update

Update: 2/2/16

Finally!!! Tweet x 2 finally got some action. Order has been finally cancelled.

Update: 2/1/16

Not getting happy with Wahoo at this point.

Submitted a cancellation 3 days ago.


Order ######### places on Dec 26th 2015
Credit Card Number ending in: 0000
Let me know if you need any further information.

Wahoo Response was:

” Hi , Unfortunately at this time we have not set a ship date for the ELEMNT. We have exceptionally high expectations for the ELEMNT and cannot release it until it meets our highest quality standards. Achieving these standards is our top priority and we are working non-stop to get this product to the level in which you deserve as soon as possible. Thanks,Matt”

Round 2:
So I created a new ticket today and tweeted wahoo, and did online chat.

Rep said that my initial ticket did not have a cancellation. I said .. umm the title says ” PLEASE CANCEL ORDER ########”. Rep says … “Gotcha”.



So they closed my new ticket and said they will tell Matt via old ticket.

So I am still waiting……


Update: 1/29/16

Cancelled my order and went another route. I will be using my S6 active. Mount will be quad lock solution with a Otterbox case. Total investment will be under 100.00. I can use RideWithGps, Garmin, Strava on my phone. My battery life will be the same & I can also use external battery for those long multi day rides. Will watch the Elemnt as more and more people get it and see how it pans out in the coming year.


Posted: Jan 28, 2016 @ 12:19

If you ordered the Elemnt and have been patiently waiting you may of gotten a nice email today from Wahoo. I am thinking of giving Wahoo till the end of this month, but I am wondering if this is a warning sign for things to come, maybe I should cancel?


Dear Wahooligan,

We know you have been watching your calendar and waiting on news.  We have been silent lately hoping to be able to send the e-mail you have all been waiting for but we couldn’t stay silent any longer.

We are still working and working.  It was never our intention to keep you waiting this long but because we are just a group of hardcore fitness nuts in Atlanta, GA we just wouldn’t feel right sending you a unit that we ourselves wouldn’t love to ride!

The good news is that as our top developers and the owner of Wahoo himself (aka the ELEMNT mastermind) are working around the clock to get this out the door.  We understand the Old Man Winter will soon loosen his grip on us cyclists and we want you ready to take on the season with your new ELEMNT.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and patience. To show our appreciation we will be e-mailing all of you in a separate e-mail a unique code for $20 off any Wahoo product on our website.  If you do not feel like waiting we will cancel your order and refund you 100% of the purchase price, no questions asked, but we promise it is worth the wait!.

Please reply to if you decide to choose a full refund or have any questions.  For a refund, please include the name the order was placed under and the order number.  Otherwise, we will email you the moment ELEMNT is ready to ship.

Thank you again for your patience and patronage.


The ELEMNT Fairy + The Entire Wahoo Team

Grand Fondue was just to much

So I DNF on the first annual Grand Fondue 2016.

The ride was a great mix of road, single track, climbs and gravel roads. My body started reminded me that this may of been a tad bit early at around 40+ miles and we where just riding casually. Uhg! Overall I had a great time and appreciated the creativity and time troy took to hook all this up into a 65 mile route.

I will definitely return with a vengeance!