About me

A “Little” About me :

It begins 1995..
I’ve been riding bikes all my life, but my adventure didn’t start until I entered in a local “Norba” race series called the WIM series back in 1995. This was my real first taste of competitive mount bike racing. Enjoyed it so much I started a local face team called Local Myth Racing sponsored by Local Myth Pizza with some friends.

Racing bug continues ..I consistently placed top 5 in beginner, sport Clydesdale category during my time. It was an amazing adventure. Joined a race team call Dirtworld.com out of Seattle and made some good friends and learned allot about riding my mountain bike and racing. In 2004 I took time off and started a family.

We all take breaks.. but our passion drives us for “THE COME BACK” in 2009.
After 5+ years of Real Life “to dos”, divorce and everything else that comes with a long marriage ending.  2009 was my breaking point and I had to make a decision to make get back to what makes me happy .. and that’s the cycling lifestyle. I love what cycling brings to my life, how much fun I had riding a bike and what it brings to me when it comes to my health. Its time to get back on the bike……

2010 was a fun ….
Cyclocross, centuries. ms 150 was on the agenda this year. Got a coach that helped me allot with my training and mental state. I had some great success and trained hard. RAMROD was the furthest I ever road. This was a great year for me and I need to keep this in my mind how goals turn into victories.
2011, 2012 .. I’m a wreck!!!
Lost my Mojo to injuries and motivation. Did some cyclocross and mountain bike events, but wasn’t really motivated. This was a turning point for me. Racing was not in my heart anymore and I did the 2nd best thing ..  I just road my bike this year.
How time flies .. its 2013.
Took a long break and just rode my bike for the last 4 years.. its now 2013.  Passion is back and I decided to do more long distance riding on the road. Bumps in the road so far has given me the strength to improve my cycling and take myself to new personal goals. Getting back to cycling has given me new outlook and new friends. I am not doing any events this year. I am Looking forward to years to come and hope to keep improving on my goals.

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