It was a blow out! .. Literally.

Saturdays was looking to be another great day in the saddle. Sun was coming out, feeling the sun on my face and I was so excited to just get out and do a long ride. First 60 minutes of my ride was great, kept a good pace and was riding strong in the head wind.

As I headed towards my next challenge, I noted my rear tire getting squishy. Hmm .. I must have a puncture. I was pretty confident that my sealant would kick in and I will just need to top off the tire pressure. So I stopped and topped off my tire and the tire was still leaking air (I could hear a hiss). Shake the tire and the hiss stopped. So I began my ride again.

Headed toward a medium sized downhill and took a right sharp turn. Boom!  My whole rear slid like I was on ice from underneath me and my left side tire bead just popped off. Face down in the dirt and thinking WTF just happen. My whole side of the tire was blown out. UHG!

Being new to tubeless, I’ve never experienced this type of issue before. Not having any resources or knowledge of how to repair such an issue, I just turned around and started walking home. Since I was walking home I had allot of time to think (unfortunately) ..

“How do I repair something like this?”

“Can you still get a seal and install a tube?”

I am going to find out today when I get home and try repair this tire.