Living the healthy lifestyle

When I started racing in my early 20s, I was so worried about weight, eating healthy and being the best. I did some stupid things to get lighter and faster and it just hurt me. This mind set really burned me out to a point I quite racing.

As I jump into my 3rd strait year of racing CX. I have developed a different mind set and really have not worried about ‘trying” to do those things.

My mind set is different. I choose to eat healthy by picking up good habits one decision at a time (choosing to eat things that are good for my body). I choose to go for a bike ride instead of sitting on butt watching TV.  Stop worry about being under 200lbs. I just said “fook” it! It doesn’t matter anymore. As long as I am having fun …. I don’t care. I also get more satisfaction kicking other racers butts that are 50lb lighter than me, it a great feeling. 😛